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engraving, milling and cutting

How does it work:
The camera cutting system allows guiding the blade or the cutter directly on the panel printed or cut in shape. Thanks to specific software, this system reads the register points with precision and is able to correct the tool path and recalculate the work so as to make it correspond to the real dimension with any deformation of the support.


The camera-based detection system is also applicable to machining operations without register points, especially on large surfaces to be milled, thanks to the possibility of seeing the correct positioning of the panels on the screen and precisely setting the starting point of the work.


The oscillating blade cutting system with a camera is suitable for cutting both soft and intermediate hard materials, even of great thickness. It allows to cut rigid multilayer cardboard, corrugated cardboard, stretched cardboard, gaskets, foam materials (PVC, expanded polyurethanes), carpets and rugs, rubber, leather, fiberglass, and many other materials.


The finishing department uses a flat and roll cutting system with:

  • 1 A | 3020 CNC camera-based pantograph for accurate and fast cutting of rigid materials up to 300×200 cm. Materials such as forex, dibond, wood, plexiglass, sandwich, cardboard, and many others can be shaped by milling and cutting the blade. Shapes, box signs, writings, and 3D logos are just some examples of possible applications.
  • 1 Summa S Class 2 cutting camera-based plotter and tangential blade for maximum precision and speed in the shaped cutting of adhesives, even thick and reflective up to 160 cm.


Other Flexa print finishing machines:

  • Vertical panel saw and cutter
  • Flame polishing machine for plexiglass
  • Impulse welding machines
  • Pneumatic eyeletting machines
  • Calendars for lamination prints
  • Textile sublimation heat press
  • Paper and fabric cutters