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The safety

of the press comes first.

digital pre-press and offset

Digital pre-press or Offset

Effective color management is essential for accurate and repeatable colors throughout the digital workflow. All of this is even more important when brand owners advertise their messages across multiple platforms.
We guarantee color proofs and prints that are always the same, also using printers that use different technologies, from small to large format thanks to an automated workflow with ISO G7 certification, Adobe PDF Engine, Fogra and IccMax.

  • Spectrophotometers and Densitometers to guarantee the chromatic uniformity of the entire workflow
  • Epson Stylus Pro 4900 printer forcertified color tests with 98% Pantone color matching
  • 35x50 Digital Die-cutting Machine for Packaging prototyping

Engraving Plates with CTP

With this technology of direct engraving of the printing plate by laser, the processing time and the risk of errors are drastically reduced. Using an automated AGFA workflow, our Avalon N8 CTP deliver high productivity and print quality at up to 2400 dpi resolution. We use Agfa Amigo TS negative thermal plates from the 450x370 mm to 1160x940 mm format and, on request, Agfa Energy Elite Pro positive thermal plates on high runs.

Chemical-free plate system

We are among the first pre-press services in Italy to have adopted 100% green CTP system, thanks to the use of the recent Azura technology with which the formation of the image on the plate takes place through a physical and not chemical process, so it is not necessary any developing agent to remove unexposed areas. The result is a stable, high quality image with an extremely scratch-resistant surface.

  • 2 Agfa Avalon N8 CTP (Computer To Plate) for high productivity and print quality
  • Agfa Azura Developer
  • Agfa Elantrix Developer
  • Epson Sure Color T 7200 printer for fast and reliable production of blueprints