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raster and laser cutter

How does it work:
Raster engraving is the standard laser engraving process. The laser beam intensely heats the support material and, depending on the exposure time, changes its color creating contrast, melts it or vaporizes it. Starting from the pixels of the raster file, this technique allows the machine to engrave the image point by point. As the ink is applied to a surface, so this technique allows the laser to be extremely precise

Laser engraving is permanent and very resistant to abrasion. Since the processing takes place without contact, it does not produce splinters and avoids the risk of damaging the support. The contactless processing with laser material also eliminates the costs of cutters and drills. The production of unique pieces, as well as that of small or large series, therefore takes place at low costs. In most cases, this cutting technique excludes the need to perform subsequent processing. Suitable for sealing the edges of fabrics and, depending on the type of material being processed, making subsequent treatments such as mechanical welding, sandblasting or polishing superfluous.

Raster engraving is the best method for large surfaces or for engraving wood, glass, MDF, fabrics, leather, cardboard, paper, laminates, metals: no other technology allows cutting so many types of organic and inorganic materials different. It is also preferred for stamping, finishing on paper, printing promotional products and signs, for customizing awards and trophies, in crafts and gifts. In practice, it is possible to engrave and mark with laser everything that can be drawn.


  • 1 Co2 Laser Cutter with a power of 260w and a work area of ​​100×160 cm.