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large format digital printing

Direct Uv Led Printing in
Hexachromy + white

The innovative UV Led technology allows us to print on an infinite number of rigid and flexible supports such as: forex, plexiglass, glass, wood, dibond, banners and fabrics such as canvas, eco-leather, textile polyester for curtains and many others. The advantage over other technologies is a more resistant and clear print, bright colors, with shorter realization times and respect for the environment.
The possibility to print white, in addition to CMYK with Light Cyan and Light Magenta, allows short-run inexpensive prints on colored or transparent supports, guaranteeing a completely new brilliance and definition, avoiding long and expensive screen-printing processes.

  • 1 Hybrid UV LED industrial printer 6 colors + white for rigid and flexible supports with 1440 dpi resolution
    Maximum printing format for rigid media: 200x300/200x400cm/200x 600 cm
    Maximum printing format for roll media 200x500 cm
  • 1 Roll To Roll UV LED industrial printer 4 colors + white for wide and super wide format flexible supports with a resolution of 1440 dpi
    Maximum printing format for roll media 320x5000cm

Print sublimatic 8-color direct and indirect with fluo

The sublimation printint technology offers the most varied application solutions for communication and graphics. For banners, double-sided backdrops, banners, flags, soft signage, POP / POS display and lightbox, customized, sportwear or accessories, interior decoration and gadgets.
This technology guarantees color durability, a vast range of applications and excellent results.

How it works :
Sublimation, in digital printing , is the transformation of inks into gas when they come into contact with heat and join the surface to be printed.
This process uses ink-jet printers that use inks and special papers: the color transfer takes place through a special calender.

Inks :
The Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 Class I certified sublimation inks guarantee non-toxic prints with vivid colors and allow the printing of orange and violet in addition to the exacerbation for full blacks, perfect shades and tonal passages with an exceptional level of detail. The ink is also available in Pink and Fluo Yellow , capable of producing hundreds of vibrant colors and soft pastel shades for fashionable sportswear, decor and eye-catching signs.

Advantages : The sublimation printing allows to have surfaces without reliefs and washable. In the case of printing on textiles, it does not change the texture of the material.
The ideal printing technique for brand design. For maximum customization.

Machinery :
  • 1 Sublimation Plotter Roland Texart for indirect transfer (with paper) for printing on polyester, polyester / cotton, LYCRA and nylon fabrics with a maximum width of 160 cm up to 1440 dpi
  • 1 Roland Texart sublimation plotter for direct printing on a large variety of pre-treated single and double-sided polyester textiles maximum width of 160 cm up to 1440 dpi
  • 1 Trasmatic Sport oil calender for digital printing also on cut pieces and placed prints. This application is especially indicated in the sports shirt printing sector.

Latex 6 colors
with optimizer

HP Latex technology offers a wide range of credentials that address the full range of concerns related to the environment: from the chemical components of the inks and from the air quality of the indoor environments, both for the production of prints and for display, to life cycle considerations, winning awards for products that are completely environmentally friendly .

How it works :
This printing technique sprays the inks on the chosen support and then uses a heating system that evaporates the liquid component and polymerizes the latex on the surface.

Inks :
Latex inks are a mixture of 70% water and the remainder consisting of pigmented particles and latex micropolymers.
These inks provide greater resistance to fading, smudging and scratching.

Benefits : The Latex prints , unlike solvent and UV prints, are odorless and non-allergenic and can be used in environments such as schools and hospitals.
Water-based inks eliminates exposure to toxic substances, also simplifying storage and transport.
Printing processes with this technique emit levels close to zero of volatile organic compounds (VOC).
Superior quality, perfect color rendering and respect for the environment.

Machinery :
  • 1 HP Latex 570 Plotter for 1200 dpi prints on flexible media with a maximum width of 163 cm

Print eco solvent
and PrecisionCore pigment

The eco-solvent print is the step forward compared to the classic solvent print because it allows printing on many treated substrates.
The pigment print is the most used technique in the textile world because it can also be used on mixed fibers.
Equipped with the latest generation PrecisionCore print heads , our plotters allow us to obtain precise prints of exceptional quality and resistance to atmospheric agents through the use of ecological inks with clear and brilliant colors certified Greenguard Gold.
From fabrics to stickers, window stickers and mega posters.

How it works :
The eco-solvent printing technique uses heat to dry the inks. The complete drying takes 24 hours, after which it is possible to start the finishing.
The pigment print creates physical and non-chemical bonds with the supports, a feature that makes it ideal for printing on fibers.

Inks :
The eco-solvent inks , although not ecological, have a lower environmental impact than the classic solvents. It generally takes about two or three years before they start to fade, they are waterproof and resistant to abrasion.
The pigments color the supports by overlapping. Their major advantage is the high resistance of the coloring to light and moisture because UV rays cannot separate the molecules and the water cannot penetrate them.

Benefits : Eco-solvent printing guarantees high quality with significant ink savings. The sustainable alternative to traditional solvent printing.
The pigment print has no problems with smudging and guarantees the inalterability of the colors: when the longevity of the prints is important.

Machinery :
  • 2 Epson Sure Color eco solvent plotter for 1,440 dpi prints on flexible media with a maximum width of 160 cm
  • 3 Epson Sure Color pigment plotter for 1,440 dpi prints on paper with a reel width of 105 cm