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flexible supports
Stickers and window stickers
The sticker is one of the features of an advertising message. Thanks to our print plotters with precision core technology and camera cutting system, we produce stickers, labels and window stickers of any shape and size. Possibility to add white ink on colored and transparent supports and choose between PVC or certified ecological vinyl stickers. The shop window is the business card of any company, it is a space on which to communicate and highlight, in the desired form, all the concepts that make the difference for that commercial activity.
The outdoor banners are made of PVC and can be of different types: normal (single-sided), micro-perforated (to allow the passage of the wind and avoid the flag effect), with black inner core (double-sided) to avoid passage of light, and backlit banners. Mainly they are used to highlight events, conferences or initiatives or to customize shops and sales points. We print on banners and fabrics with reel width up to 320cm with the possibility to add white ink on colored supports.
Scenographies and fabrics
The printing on textile materials for advertising uses (soft signage) goes alongside that on banners, as it is a "green" substitute for plastic. The increase in the use of textile material is constant and also the quality that is obtained is high. Today different public institutions prefer to use "green" materials for reasons of image and quality. The material is usually a polyester fabric that can also be used as a backlight for luminous boxes thanks to its micro-perforation. AirTex, Pearl, Nautico (Flag) are the most widespread materials.
Interior Design Stands
Each surface becomes our canvas. We customize walls, floors, tables, curtains and even doors and appliances. Thanks to the eco-leather fabrics it is possible to create customized bags, armchairs and chairs covers, bed headboards or create leather prototypes and objects. Wide range of wallpapers: classic paper, tnt green fabric for easy removal, adhesive and fiberglass with dual decorative and protective function. Fireproof materials printed with eco-green inks.
A revolution in visual communication, there are various applications. It ranges from signage, to the interior design of a store or a franchise to car magnets. Magnetic film prints can be superimposed and adapted to any format. The magnets are also used to fix panels dedicated to communication and advertising.
Posters and billboard
We print in large format with eco-green inks based on water on 120 gr/sq.m paper, white back and blue back anti-crushing. High quality papers for outdoor billboards, indoor use such as fair events, exhibitions, etc. They are resistant to bad weather and sunlight. The blue back paper is characterized by a blue coating on the back that makes the billboards below invisible.