rigid supports
Inexpensive and robust semi-foam PVC panel, with good resistance to atmospheric agents. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use such as promotional settings, shop windows staging, signage and the creation of displays. Shapeable and thermoformable, the white print can be added on the black forex. Maximum print format of 200x400cm, thickness of 1/3/5/10/19 mm.
Aluminum Dibond
Sandwich panel composed of two aluminum foils on the outside and a black polyethylene sheet on the inside. The material is characterized by its high rigidity, resistance to atmospheric agents and reduced thickness. Shapeable and foldable, on the black dibond can be added the white printing. Maximum print format of 200x400cm, thickness of 3 mm.
Panel in transparent methacrylate, translucent opal for bright and colored signs. Suitable for indoor and outdoor decoration: plaques, signs, pictures with modern design, displays, all made to measure. Shapeable and foldable, on transparent or colored plexiglass can be added the white printing. Maximum printing format 600x200cm, thickness 3/5/8/10 mm.
The compact polycarbonate sheets are transparent like glass, weigh half the glass and they are 250 times more resistant to impact. They are practically indestructible and have also better thermal and acoustic insulation properties than glass. Maximum printing format 600x200cm, thickness 3/5 mm.
Communication - Sandwich
Extremely light sandwich panel consisting of a white expanded polystyrene core enclosed between two 1mm thick Forex PVC sheets. Indoor use for promotional settings such as shop windows, exhibition stands, photo frames, totem displays. Maximum print format 200x300cm, thickness 10/19 mm.
Alveolar polypropylene panel for fast and inexpensive indoor/outdoor applications, signage and displays. Maximum print format of 200x300cm, thickness of 3/5/10 mm.
Direct glass printing provided for interior design applications such as hotel halls, commercial spaces or living rooms.
MDF and multilayer poplar for indoor applications. Excellent supports for the realization of displays through the use of the CNC pantograph.
On request mockups in corrugated cardboard, microwave and cardboard using white ink on supports with special gold and silver finishes.