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From a small showcase to the setting up of an entire store and company fleets , from a single stand to an entire fair , from a small meeting to an international event , from a small exhibition to important museums or construction sites , our strength lies in knowing how translate the customer’s idea into graphic displays , installations and visual merchandising that are always effective and with a high visual impact.

In synergy with event agencies, fitters and set designers we take care of every aspect of the installation, from the first inspection, to packaging and transport up to constant after-sales support.

Setting up events and fairs

Thanks to our printing solutions you can transform your trade fair stand or events into a memorable experience. Our printing technologies allow us to offer innovative and personalized solutions that guarantee great visibility and impact to your advertising communication.

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Retail Store setup



In the world of retail, setup is everything. Stores and outlets must communicate the brand identity effectively. Take advantage of large format digital printing to create eye-catching window displays, promotional panels and interior displays that attract your customers.

Set-up of companies and offices


The work environment affects productivity and the perception of your company. Invest in custom setups to create more comfortable and professional environments. Our set-up solutions can improve your corporate image: from walls to window decals, from signs to signs, up to photo frames and personalized carpets.

Setting up exhibitions and museums

Exhibitions and museums are spaces where art, culture and knowledge come to life. With digital printing it is possible to create information and educational panels that support visual storytelling, guides, print on fabrics or reproduce works of art and photographs. Our versatility allows us to adapt the setup based on the theme of the exhibition, creating an engaging and immersive experience for the public.

Pharmacy set-up

Pharmacies are much more than just points of sale: visual communication is essential to inform and educate customers and promote products and services. Take advantage of digital printing to create information posters, promotional showcases or display and counter displays. Thanks to our solutions it is possible to promote health and well-being effectively.

Decoration of vehicles and company fleets

We transform any type of vehicle into a perfect corporate or marketing communication tool, a driver capable of communicating both on the move and when stationary.

This innovative practice, synonymous with personalization and style, allows businesses to communicate their identity while providing a series of practical benefits ranging from vehicle protection to brand promotion.

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Prints for exhibitions: the art of creating extraordinary visual impacts

Today it is necessary to transform spaces and places into engaging visual experiences. A quality setup is the key to capturing attention and conveying effective messages. We at Industria Grafica FG create:

  • Event setups
  • Arrangements for trade fairs and exhibition stands
  • Installations for Retail Stores and Points of Sale
  • Installations for companies and offices
  • Arrangements for exhibitions and museums
  • Equipment for pharmacies
  • Set-up of fleets and company vehicles

Our set-up solutions guarantee:

  • Maximum visibility
  • Unlimited customization
  • Great visual impact
  • Versatility
  • High quality
  • Easy installation
  • Public involvement
  • Creative flexibility

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