Environmental and Social


We only have one planet, and we want to do our part to defend it.

Our commitment

We work every day to reduce the environmental impact of our production processes and promote the use of ecological products across the country in support of the circular economy.

We believe that being an integral part of a territory means respecting it, as well as participating in its life, and enhancing and protecting the community and nature that make it unique.

When we leave our footprint we want it to be green

FG Natura is our range of eco-friendly printing products made from recycled and recyclable materials for effective and sustainable visual communication.

Produced using the latest and most innovative printing technologies, FG Natura products ensure high print quality and durability.

PVC free stickers and banners, polypropylene panels, recycled flag fabrics, honeycomb cardboard panels and much more.

Eco-Friendly Technologies

To reduce our footprint, we use cutting-edge printing technologies with low environmental impact inks and energy consumption.

We are constantly looking for innovative products and technologies capable of improving our sustainability performance.

Increasing the quantity of materials recovered from our processes and the self-production of electricity from 100% renewable sources represents one of our strategic objectives for the near future.


Each of our certifications symbolizes a goal achieved. It is the starting point for continuous improvement that never stops.

Sublimation printing is a printing technique that allows you to create permanent designs and graphics on fabrics, using water-based inks.

The planet-friendly characteristic lies in the sustainable approach adopted in both the selection of fabrics and the choice of inks.

The polyester fabric is obtained from the recycling of PET plastic bottles, and once printed using sublimation, it can be recycled again.

For sublimation printing on fabric we only use OEKO-TEX® certified inks. This international certification guarantees the absence of harmful substances and certifies, through scrupulous research, absolute safety and respect for health.

For printing stickers, wallpapers, and flexible supports, we use Latex technology with odorless, water-based Latex inks certified by Eco Logo and Greenguard Gold. These inks comply with standards for low emissions of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and ensure healthier environments, while guaranteeing brilliant and perfect print quality and colors.

We have adopted UV LED technology for direct printing on panels and banners. This technology reduces energy consumption and eliminates ozone emissions, thus reducing environmental impact and allowing solvent-free printing on any type of material.

We print posters and mega posters on poster paper only with non-toxic and odorless water-based pigment inks.

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